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Jim Stych is a professional Haberdasher, designing wardrobes and providing custom made clothing to past and present stars, dignitaries, Olympic Gold Medalist, Football and Basketball athletes and his in-store clients, making house calls since 1990.

He is an Image Consultant for personal and corporate accounts. Jim counsels both individual and corporate clients on appearance and dress protocols on how to look and dress accordingly.

As an expert in image consultation, he guides clients to achieve their specific goals with authenticity, credibility and confidence.

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Image Consulting for Covered 6

4 1/2 years advising and dressing both men and women students in preparation for their careers to protect. 

We sell the suit that moves with you.

Our suits are Stuntmen Tested - Hollywood Approved. 

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The Suit that
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Stuntmen Tested - Hollywood Approved

Image Consulting

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